Transfer Domain Name Registration

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another may not be simple. The process to transfer domain names depends on the registrars involved and their own systems.

The Domain Transfer Process

The process for each registrar may differ slightly, and terminology can be inconsistent and confusing. But, generally speaking:

  1. Advise administrative contact that domain is being transferred and ensure that email is valid.
  2. Unlock the domain.
  3. If registration has been private, cancel that aspect.
  4. Get authorization code if transferring a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv, .us, or .info domain.
  5. Get account with new registrar and initiate the transfer.
  6. Current registrar emails instructions to complete the transfer.
  7. Current registrar notifies new registrar of transfer's acceptance or rejection.
  8. Current registrar email confirmation when the transfer completes.
  9. To complete an authorized transfer, after the new registrar notifies that the transfer is authorized, completing it by manually accepting (or rejecting) expedites the move between registrars.

Transfer between registrars can take a up to week once transfer is authorized. The process can also be different when trying to transfer a domain name that has expired.

A 60 day transfer restriction period applies when a registration is new or renewed, recently transferred, updated by changing the registrant's contact organization or the registrant contact's first or last name when an organization has not been listed.