Web Hosting

In order to get your site online live, it must be hosted by a web hosting company. Your site will reside on the hosting company's servers.

HostGator web hostingWe recommend HostGator.

If you have already registered a domain name and would like us to handle the hosting, you just need to contact the domain Registrar with whom you registered the domain name, and have them point the DNS to the servers where the site will be hosted.

If you host your site with us, we would provide the DNS information to you, and you would contact the domain name Registrar directly by phone or email, depending on the Registrar.

It's possible to register a domain with one company, have it hosted with a totally different company, and have another party actually build the site, upload it, and maintain it.

Black Marketing Inc. offers a one-stop website approach to keep things simple and to minimize the bureacracy. We can register the domain name, host the site, and build and maintain the site.

You can find a hosting company yourself and be in contact with them yourself. Or you can choose to have your site hosted with us and we will make sure that your site is fully integrated and operational.

Hosting companies do differ. If a third-party hosting company is involved, things may run smoothly, or it may take additional time and effort on our part or on your part to achieve desired results.

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A Word about Domain Name Registration

Before you can get a website hosted, you will need to choose and register a domain name through a registrar. See Domain Registration.